We have a small team about 10 members. Each of us fall in love in Altai mountains and really enjoy Siberia nature. We try to share this love with other peoples.

How do we do that?

Altai Touristic guides try to fill tours by nature beauty and emotional meaning.
We already know a thousand picturesque places in Altai Mountains. But we are damn curious, and every second try to climb up and look behind a new mountain to discover a new magnificent panorama, for sharing it with you, later.
In our tours you'll learn local culture and traditions, try Siberian cuisine, delicious herbal tea and different types of honey, and of course you'll enjoy Altai Nature, which will be really a lot.

Who are work in our team?

We've got travel and equestrian guides, rafting and hiking instructors, drivers.
Introduce you leading persons in our guide team:

Rafting, Mountain Hiking, Equestrian tour, Road-trip guide

Yura is a Rafting, Mountain Hiking, Equestrian tour, Road-trip guide Yura has been travelling in Altai Mountains for his entire life. He has already been hiking for 31 years. Now he's master of Sports in mountain hiking and rafting and the director of Altai Touristic.

Road-trip guide, Novosibirsk city guide

Artem is a Road-trip guide, Novosibirsk city guide Artem has travelled a lot in Europe and in the USA. He started guiding foreign groups 4 years ago, and now he designs tours for them as well.

Equestrian tour, Road-trip guide

Alexander is Equestrian tour, Road-trip guide World champion in sports tourism on vehicles in 2016. He is a «golden guide» of Altai. Alexander has been guiding groups in Altai mountains for about 30 years. Alexander has collected Altai legends. And you'll really enjoy his stories.

Rafting, Mountain Hiking guide

Andrey is Rafting, Mountain Hiking guide Andrei has been hiking with his father since his childhood and has walked thousands of kilometeres in Altai Mountains. He received the title Candidate Master of Sports in rafting and swimming

We hope that during a tour we will become a very good friends.
Keep in touch, my future friend!