Altai golden ring

Enjoy real Siberia nature
Start: July 4.
Duration: 7 days/ 6 nights

Altai golden ring

Travel in Altai

Altai nature is able to amaze even an experienced traveller. Astonish landscapes here are not been spoiled of human progress.
Altai Touristic team shows to you gorgeous mountain passes, turquoise rapid rivers, glaciers and traditional way of life of Altaians.
We offer options for all seasons travel: excursion tours with comfortable accommodations, adventure routes, horseback riding tours, hirings.
On our website, you can find group tours with defined tour dates. Also, you can share your wishes with us on the dates and we will try to gather a group.
If you prefer a private tour - just contact us and we will give you a personal proposal.

Tours in Siberia

Also, Altai Touristic team offers amazing tours in different parts of Siberia (Altai, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Baikal) and Trans-Siberian trip. Please feel free to contact us at or using web form and we will help to design your travel in Siberia.

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The most popular route

Tour duration: 6 days/ 5 nights
We have collected in this tour the most picturesque and interesting places of Altai: Katu-Yarik Pass, Panorama of Kurai steppe and snowy mountains of the North-Chuyskiy ridge, Coloured mountains of Kyzyl-Chin, Confluence of Chyua and Katyn rivers, The Ancient sanctuary of Kalbak-tash area, Chike-Taman mountain crossing, Ilgumen rapid, Geizer lake.

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We have carried out 32 tourist seasons. Our vast experience enables to show you Siberia in all its glory and richness.
We love and take care of nature by maintaining the purity of places we visit.
Our specialists are experienced guides. Their skills guarantee your safety. Over the entire history of the existence of our travel agency, no serious incidents ever happened to our customers.
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