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The Trans-Siberian express is a journey through Russian geography, history, ethnography which you can experience not from books or legends but by your own eyes. The Trans-Siberian Express carriage will become your key to a real russian adventure. In this adventure you'll ride through hundreds of small villages and industrial towns, spend a few days in the Russian capital, make stops in a dozen of the most interesting Russian cities and, of course, enjoy the genuine Russian nature (lake Baikal, Altai mountains, Far East). read more...
Russia is so big and its sights so many that it was very difficult to fit them all into one tour. But we have done it. So, above you'll find the most popular Trans-Siberian route
There are a few differences between this tour and the average "classic" tour:

  • we’ve extended “Siberia nature” part
  • unlike The Golden Eagle luxury train, we try to show Russian cities not from the "known far and wide" point of view but through the eyes of locals.

Trans-Siberian railway tour. Summer 2024

Tour duration: 21 days/ 20 nights
Tour price: From 4150 €
Type: Private
Start: on demand
Country: Russia

«Trans-Siberian railway tour. Summer 2024.»

Trans-Siberian cities

The Trans-Siberian Railway passes through 87 cities (14 of them are regional centers) and through the territory of two parts of the world:

  • 19% of the railway placed in the European part,
  • the rest 81% placed in the Asian part.

We can't tell you about all Trans-Siberian cities, so we chose the most perceptible.
Learn more about Russian cities and join our tour!

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Trans-Siberian tour reviews

Trans-Siberian tours rating : 5.0 Reviews: 14

Belgium. 2019

One of the main reasons for how successful the holiday was, apart from the excellent itinerary, was the helpfulness of tour guides.
I loved all the train rides, cities guiding and nature experience. completely

Thailand. 2016

Spectacular steam train ride! A must do for the train enthusiast and outdoor lover!
The Russian people were extremely friendly throughout. completely

England. 2015

I want to thank all staff I encountered on a recent trip from Moscow to Vladivostok in August 2015. The staff at all points were courteous and very helpful. completely

Carola Petersson
UK. 2019

Our 20 day trip to Russia was phenomenal! Artem did an amazing job curating our trip with a special overnight in yurt. It was the highlight of our trip! Artem also arranged meeting with a real shaman. completely

Germany. 2021

My wife and I had the most amazing time traveling around Trans-Siberian this was very easily the best trip we've ever taken. We got to see some amazing sights, untouched beauty, and explore Russia in a way that its meant to be. completely

UK. 2018

I just want to say a huge thank you...for making our anniversary possible, it really was the trip of a lifetime and no photos can do it justice on the experiences we enjoyed. completely

USA. 2019

I have recently returned from the 19 day Trans-Siberian tour and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The service provided by Altai Touristic was first class from the minute I enquired about the tour on-line... completely

USA. 2019

I wanted to express my appreciation for the staff of Altai Touristic for making our Trans-Siberian rail trip a great success.
We loved the beautiful scenery of each of the cities and towns we visited. And the weather cooperated. God blessed us! completely

Tin Ker Bell &
Padon Thuvanalin

Thailand. 2018

We had a wonderful vacation on our "Winter Trans-Siberian holidays" tour in Russia. We traveled by train and car. Everyone we had dealings with were very professional and helpful. completely

Amornrat Jaturawit
Thailand. 2017

For me, the most memorable part of our trip was the Baikal train ride. We loved the golden trees of Autumn.
Every part of our trip exceeded our expectations in every way. completely


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