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Whitewater rafting in Altai

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Whitewater rafting in Altai

Very popular for rafting in Altai are Katun, Chuya, Chulyshman and Bashkaus rivers. Level of rapids changes depending on water level. At the end of May - beginning of June, snow actively melts and white water classes of rapids are increase. Usually, we start our rafting season at the beginning of May.


Easy level

Lower course of the Katun river (Lower Katun).
For the first time, the Lower course of the Katun river is the best option. It will be funny and safety.
There are couple options for 2-6 hours rafting, you'll get 3-6 (depends on rafting duration) rapids, that have 2nd class according to whitewater rafting classification system.

Rafting Low Katun in May

Middle level

For those, who are already have experience in tourism on the water, the Middle Katun is the great option for rafting (usually it's a 3-5 days tour). Here you'll have an experience with many rapids what have 3rd class and 1 rapids that has 4th class.
During this rafting there possible an overturning of the raft in the rapids, so we recommend you to choose carefully rafting team for this route.

Hard level

If you are a professional rafter and looking for a challenge, you'll like one of these rivers, where 4th,5th and even 6th whitewater class rapids:

  • the upper Katun
  • the Chuya
  • the Chulyshman
  • the Bashkaus

You should go there only with the second raft. For these routes, please, travel only with a real professional team.

We have very professional guides in our team, who have the title of master of sport in rafting.

We have all equipments and different type of rafts. In some cases, we use "bagel"-raft instead of the classic raft (they can not be turned over), which makes rafting much safer.

Below you'll found the Middle Katun tour, at this moment has been translated only this tour. We have other routes for rafting. If you are interested in different routes, please send a request.

About Altai

Altai Mountains is one of the most sizable mountain systems in Central Asia and Southern Siberia. They are composed of many areas. Three of them form Golden mountains of Altai, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Total land area of Golden mountains of Altai is 1.64 million hectares. Altai has got the title of the best area for adventure travel in Russia (National Geographic award in 2017).
The biggest part of Altai is nature reserve areas with unbelievable beauty and untouched wildlife. Many picturesque places are located on this territory and it combines different religions and cultures. Rapid mountain rivers, horizonless valleys, surrounded by rocky peaks and green hills. The cleanest lakes and rivers, tiny ethnic hamlets.

Altai mountains and taiga

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