Skiing to the Multinsky necklace of Altai

7 days/6 nights

1050 €

Start: on demand


Skiing to the Multinsky necklace of Altai

1050 EUROS per person. Group size: 4 - 10



Altai is gorgeous all the year round. Summer whitewater rivers give place to winter snowy mountains and forests, where you can get only by ski or with the help of special vehicles.
This winter we’ll guide you to the Multinsky necklace of Altai (the range of lakes, located in a valley, surrounded by high mountains).
Something about the peculiarities of the tour:

  • An original route across the most beautiful sights of Gorny Altai, away from common tracks and crowds of tourists.
  • A professional instructor, having twenty years of experience and a great sense of humor. And a nice company as well(in such trips there are no outsiders indeed).
  • A unique atmosphere of the winter trip, coupled with a soothing spring sun.
  • Reasonable balance of physical activity and minimal necessary comfort will help you to forget about all the work or problems, left at home, relax for real and charge with energy.

he tour doesn’t demand any special acquirements, it is suitable for everyone interested, who usually keeps feet. No extreme is intended. The main luggage will be transported by snowmobile, we’ll walk light-handed. We’ll spend nights in cabins. The weather in March is generally good, it’s already warm and sunny, but the snow hasn’t melted yet. Good nutrition, fresh air, Russian sauna and vivid impressions are guaranteed!
Programme of the tour
Day 1. Arriving at Beluha camp site, getting and fitting the necessary hiking gear, binding the ski setting. Meeting the tour participants.
Day 2. Transfer across the Chuya and Uymon highways to Maralnik village, accommodation at a campsite. The way time is 7-8 hours.
Day 3. On this day we will go hiking for 18 kilometres to the lodge of Katun nature reserve, located at the Middle Multinsky lake. The way time is 5-6 hours. The main luggage is transported by the snowmobile with sledges.
Day 4. Skiing to the Highest Multinsky lake, which is 7.5 kilometres long. You can spend a night at a little house with a stove, if you like.
Day 5. Skiing down to the lodge, arranging of steam bath.
Day 6. 18 kilometre hiking to Maralnik village, accommodation at the campsite, steam bath.
Day 7. Transfer to Uymon village, where you can visit the museum of Rerih N.K., after that we will be taken back to Beluha campsite. The way time is 7-8 hours.
The cost includes:

  • Transfer from Beluha campsite to Maralnik village and back,
  • meals (except roadside cafes),
  • the necessary hiking gear (roll mat, rucksack, sleeping bag, touristic skis with a special ski setting, boot covers),
  • accommodation at campsites,
  • accompanying of the cargo snowmobile,
  • steam baths according to the programme.

The cost doesn’t include services of interpreter (the service cost is calculated additionally, depending on the size of the group and the language).
There is an additional fee for foreign citizens in an amount of 15$ for the registration in the Directorate of the Federal Migration Service at a place of stay.
You need to have a personal outfit:
Hiking boots, a down-padded coat with a hood, the second pair of shoes, felt boots, thermal underwear, a wind-protective costume, made of fleece or polartec, a woolen hat, three pairs of socks, warm mittens and tour gloves, a ski mask and ski goggles, warm trousers (downhill ski pants), a couple of T-shirts, underwear, personal hygiene products, a plate, a cup, a spoon, a headlamp, a knife, matches, 5 metres of capronic rope, 4 mm in diameter, a sitting pad, personal medicaments, a small thermos.