13 days/ 12 nights

Trekking to Belukha and Multinsky lakes

1630 €

trekking path to Ak-Kem glacier
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 1630 € (prepayment: 25%)

 Group size: 4-10 pax;

 Duration: 13 days/ 12 nights

 Start: on demand



Tour type: Trekking



You will visit the sights representing the whole power and beauty of Altai Mountains:

  • the famous Ak-Kem river valley and Ak-Kem lake;
  • the valley of seven lakes, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Altai;
  • Yarlu valley, which is considered to be the site where there is direct connection to the Universe by the representatives of many different religions;
  • Kara-Turek mountain pass (3080 meters);
  • Multa lakes, the pearl of the Katunsky ridge;

You will see the most spectacular mountain peaks of Altai, including the legendary Belukha Mount (4509 m);



Day 1. Gorno-Altaysk – Ust-Semal

In the morning you arrive to Gorno-Altaysk city. We pick you up at the airport and drive to the hotel (100 km) (rooms with shower/WC).
This day is not busy, so you have some time to rest after the flight and get accustomed to the climate change.
You have an easy river rafting trip after lunch.
In the evening you adjust your equipment, get your stuff prepared for the travel (your tent, sleeping bag, etc).

Day 2. Ust-Sema - Tyungur

After breakfast we have a long but exciting drive to Tungur. A part of the drive is along the Chuya Road (Chuysky Tract), which is one of the most beautiful roads in the world.
Along the way we see 4 mountain passes: Seminsky (1800 m), Yabogansky (1300 m), Kyrlyk and Gromotukha.
In the evening we visit the museum of Old Believers.
Upon arrival we check in at the tourist camp (rooms with shower and WC).
Travelled distance - 400 km, travel time - approximately 7 hours.

Day 3. Tyungur – Ak-Kem site

After breakfast we pack and board a Russian off-road truck GAZ66. We cross Kuzuyak mountain pass (altitude 1513 m) and get to The Three Birches site, where we start our 2-day trekking to Ak-Kem lake.
We hike along the constantly ascending forest path to the outlet of the Ak-Kem river.
We set our camp at the rock slide next to the Ak-Kem river.
Trekking - 10-12 km.
We sleep in tents.

Day 4. Ak-Kem site – Vysotnik mountain site

After breakfast we pack and continue trekking.
On this day we cover approximately 14 km. First we cross the river and then walk through the forest crossing creaks and swamps.
Trekking 14 km (7-8 hours), vertical drop – 900 meters.
We sleep in tents.

Day 5. Trekking to Yarlu Valey

Yarlu gorge attracts hikers with its colourful rocks. It is here where loads of Vedic doctrine followers and yogis try to get to meditate and get charged with the energy of the Universe.
In the middle of the valley there is a ‘stone town’ with plenty of stone pyramids.
The valley is famous for the abundance of edelweiss flowers.
Trekking - approximately 5 km each way (6 hours).
We sleep in tents.

Day 6. Valley of seven lakes

On this day we visit the valley of seven lakes, where there are, in fact, more lakes...
Here you see the slopes of Ak-Oyuk mountain with a huge hanging glacier.
Trekking - approximately 7.5 km each way (7-8 hours).
We sleep in tents.

Day 7. Ak-Kem glacier

On this day we walk to Ak-Kem glacier. This trekking is very picturesque.
We start in the forest, then we walk along Ak-Kem lake, then we cross the river and walk along the ‘kurumnik’ (rocky piles and wastes). Along the way, weather permitting, we admire the magnificent panorama of the Ak-Kem wall.
Our destination is the so-called ‘tongue’ of the Ak-Kem glacier starting on the slope of Belukha Mount.
Trekking - approximately 15 km (7-8 hours).
We sleep in tents.

Day 8. Descend from the lake to Ak-Kem sit

On this day we descend back. We spend the night at the Ak-Kem river.
Trekking - approximately 14 km (7-8 hours).
We sleep in tents.

Day 9. Descend to Tyungur village

In the morning we continue the descend. We are picked up by the off-road vehicle and brought to Tyungur village.
Trekking - approximately 10-12 km.
We spend the night in a camping (rooms with shower and WC)..

Day 10. Tyungur – Multa lakes

After breakfast we drive to Multa village and then we are brought to Multa lakes by GAZ66 (the drive by GAZ66 takes approximately 2 hours).
After checking in we walk to the middle Multa lake.
The service is still very basic. There are only a couple of wooden cabins, so we are accommodated in one of them. There are cabins for 4 and for 6. There is only a very basic WC.

Day 11. Kuiguk lake – Multa village

Early morning we leave our belongings in the camp, cross the river and have an easy trekking to lake Kuiguk. The whole trekking takes approximately 4 hours each way. Kuiguk is an extremely beautiful lake with a waterfall flowing out of it with the same name.
After getting back to the camp we board GAZ66 get to Multa village.
Upon arrival we check in at the tourist camp (rooms with shower and WC).

Day 12. Multa village – Ust-Sema village

After breakfast we drive back to Ust-Sema. Travelled distance - 400 km, travel time - approximately 7 hours.
We spend the last night of the tour in a comfortable hotel (rooms with shower and WC).

Day 13. Departure

In the morning we bring you to the airport in Gorno-Altaisk.

The price includes:

  • Medical insurance
  • All transfers(except for flights)
  • Twin rooms (days 1, 2, 9, 11, 12)
  • Rooms for 6 (day 10)
  • Meals
  • Food delivery to Ak-Kem lake
  • Guide
  • Rafting
  • Entrance tickets to museums
  • Shared equipment (tents, cauldrons, axe, common tent, equipment for making fire)
  • Shared medicine
  • taxes and fees

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